With so many renowned tourist attractions in the city, New York, known as the concrete jungle, a busy mass of sidewalks and subways, not to mention, having the most famous skyline in the world, is indeed everyone’s travel destination. But, there’s much more green spaces to be explored and adored in the city than just its bustling skyscrapers.

The city, aside from being well-known for the iconic Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, is also home of the sprawling and most celebrated parks in the world, The Central Park and The Washington Square Park. But wait, there’s more! The Burroughs of New York City also held many hidden, less known parks away from the mainstream stops and are ideal for relaxing that surely won’t disappoint you. Here are our top picks of the overlooked parks in New York City.


New York's Less Known Parks

Named in honor of the American Poet, Joseph Rodman Drake, this park, surrounded by nearby banks, auto shops for repairs and other commercial buildings with its bustling dwellers, is ignored by many despite the invitation of the tall trees, the green grass, and the benches of the park. The history of the park may be the reason for slurring the green space. In the center of the oasis is a cemetery that tells a story that began 200 years ago. Drake died at the age of 25 because of tuberculosis and among the graves in the park is his. As the neighborhood has grown industrial, the park with its pastoral beauty and historic graveyard is the best place to mellow out with “The Culprit Fay” to read, written by Drake himself.


New York's Less Known Parks Tudor City Greens.jpeg

The “green oasis” in Midtown Manhattan! A perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Midtown. The park is a go-to oasis. The area is nestled in a residential with a river on one side. And with the green shrubs and plants everywhere with benches for either reading or eating snacks, this serene park lies its charms and is truly a gem in the neighborhood.


New York's Less Known Parks Inwood Hill Park Peoples Limousine.jpeg

Where can you relax in Manhattan and not see a single building? That would be the park in northernmost part of Manhattan, the Inwood Hill Park. With its secluded green space, inviting tall trees, beautiful panoramic views, and even more remote than the downtown crowd, this is the perfect place to let yourself out in wilderness or just sit down by the Hudson river and wait for the sun to set.


New York's Less Known Parks Swindler Cove Park Peoples Limousine..jpeg

A former illegal dumping site, now encompasses five beautifully reclaimed acres, along the Harlem River. After the massive clean-up, the park now houses a series of ponds and waterfalls, with pathways leading to birdhouses, the only beach in Manhattan and communal garden. Swindler Cove park is one of Manhattan’s least known yet most beautiful parks that is perfect for flora and fauna lovers.


New York's Less Known Parks Seton Falls Park Peoples Limousine

Derived from the prominent waterfalls built in the park by Seton family. Seton Falls Park is nestled alongside more than 30 acres of preserved natural land. The park is a peaceful green space in a high-trafffic area. A stroll through the park’s forest with the chirping of the thirty species of birds living in the area, the park surely offers a relaxing escape from the bustle of the urban life.


New York's Less Known Parks Greenacre Park Peoples Limousine.jpeg

Hidden in the middle of mid-town east sits a pocket park. The park is one of the smallest parks in the city, but provides a nice place to relax and take a break from the concrete jungle. The 25-foot water fall is not only stunning but also roars away the honking of the cars and buses , so you’re only left with in a tranquil oasis. Quiet and serene – the park is an amazing gateway from the craziness of NYC while still remaining in the city!

New York City is majestic and with those moments where life starts moving a little too fast, sometimes you just need to relax in lesser known but still beautifully manicured parks in New York. Forget that you are in a concrete jungle. Get lost. Go wonder and wander. Find solace among the city’s chaos and noises. Find that whimsical, unusual and hidden parks where you can read your favorite book. Go beyond the mainstreams and take the off-beaten paths.