Beyond the Mainstreams: New York’s Less Known Parks

With so many renowned tourist attractions in the city, New York, known as the concrete jungle, a busy mass of sidewalks and subways, not to mention, having the most famous skyline in the world, is indeed everyone’s travel destination. But, there’s much more green spaces to be explored and adored in the city than just its bustling skyscrapers.

The city, aside from being well-known for the iconic Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, is also home of the sprawling and most celebrated parks in the world, The Central Park and The Washington Square Park. But wait, there’s more! The Burroughs of New York City also held many hidden, less known parks away from the mainstream stops and are ideal for relaxing that surely won’t disappoint you. Here are our top picks of the overlooked parks in New York City. […]

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